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CH-4562 Biberist

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    Audio, Video

    Industrial Automation

   Signal Distribution


    Audio products 
    Video products 
Data, Fiber Optic

    Signal distributors 
    Crossbar Switch
    Tripping matrix for
    generator protection
Monitoring systems
    Custom designed solutions

  Signal distributors
  Crossbar Switch
  up to   50 VAC/DC, 6A
  up to 240 VAC/DC,16A

PA Patch Panels
  up to 50VAC/DC,    6A
  up to 250VAC/DC, 16A


     Routing Systems 
     Monitoring system
     Change Over
     Customised solutions

New Products


Kompakt Multiformat Kreuzschiene 59x64, 3-pol

GKVA 59x64 361 LA

Compact Multiformat Crossbar Switch
connecting 59x64 channels, 3-pole
Signals fromDC to 25MHz
Volage: 0 VAC/DC up to max 50 VAC/DC
Current: max 6 A
Interconnecting by 3-pole connecting plugs
19", 9 U

GFPE 2010 VoIP 

GFPE 2010 VoIP

Air Traffic Control ATC and Radio Channel Analyzer
Measuring of analog, E1 and VoIP signals

- Ping of a ATC VoIP network (VCS)
- Test of a ATC Radio in a VoIP network
- Test of jitter, packet loss and delay
- Test of analog ATC voice channels
Test of E1 ATC channels

Crossbar switch  Dual crossbar switch 20x8

Connecting of 8 signals to 20 signals
Input signals indicated by LED, red
Output signals indicated by 2 independent LED, yellow
Signal voltage 110 VDC
1 diode test unit for each crossbar
Pin park for each crossbar
designation strips for in- and output signals
Screw clamp connectors on the rear
19", 5U


Audio Monitor System for 64 MADI Signals

Compact Intercom System

Compact Intercom System

Automatic AES Change-Over

Automatic AES Change-Over
3 AES inputs to 1 AES output
Monitor outputs
Level meter
Silent switching
IP control panel

Audio Monitoring System GMS 2130

Audio Monitoring System
Analog-digital with router
GMS 2130

Audio Monitoring for Mastering

Audio Monitoring System
white and pink nois
3 speaker out
GMS 2120

Audio Monitoring GMS 1800A

Audio Monitor System
8 channels, digital
GMS 1800 D P

Audio Monitor System analog digital

Audio Monitor System
digital, analog stereo
GMS 1800 AD P

Audio Monitoring GMS 1820 A

Audio Monitoring System
8 channel, mono, analog
GMS 1820 A




Multi-Format Router
Electronic patch bay
Bidirectional connections
DC to 13 MHz GControl-Software

HD3G Video Patch Bay

HD3G Video Patch Bay
Return loss >23 dB @ 4 GB/s
2x24 channels


ProAudio Patch Bay
1x48 channels, total 96

Backlit labeling strips
Interconnecting modules
>90dB Cross talk
no maintenance required









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